CRM MER Consulting offers  a mentorship program for upcoming evaluation professionals in Africa. The initiative is targeted at connecting new, emerging and aspiring evaluation  practitioners with experienced practitioners and evaluators who will provide direction on how to grow and make it as an international and all-round evaluation expert  The 6 months  mentorship program is made from  frequent oral sessions  and activities between mentors and mentees with the actual schedule and set of program to be determined by the mentors and mentees.

  • Help upcoming evaluators to gain a better understanding of design, monitoring and evaluation practices;
  • Share your knowledge and expertise in the field;
  • Improve your profile in the monitoring and evaluation community.
  • Grow professionally as an evaluation expert
  • Identify long-term professional development needs
  • Develop a meaningful professional relationship over a specified period of time
  • Learn about, monitoring, accountability, learning  and evaluation process in the development sector.

Mentors should be individuals who feel that they can coach someone through their experience in MEAL.  Whether this is guidance to someone just entering the field, to someone who is now facing managerial challenges, CRM MER Consulting is always  looking for mentors extensive experience in the subject matter!

Mentees should be anyone  from AFRICA aspiring  to be mentored in MEAL. CRM MER will do its  best to pair you with a mentor that can help provide the guidance you are looking for.

Yes!  If you would like to be mentored as well as serve as a mentor, please simply fill in (provide a link)providing  information about what you hope to get out of each role.

The mentorship program is voluntary and free of charge designed to be flexible and fit within your own schedule.  Those involved can spend  as much time as they would like to the program per week for the 6 months period. Certificates and references will be given at the end of the program.

Mentors and Mentees will be best-matched based on the below categories:

  • Language spoken;
  • Country focus of work;
  • Focus of work;

    CRM Monitoring Evaluation and Research Consulting (CRM MER Consulting) is an International Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) service offering firm founded in 2017 that aims to provide quality services responsive to the development context. Strategically based in South Africa, with presence in Kenya and Zimbabwe.


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